Charli XCX - 14
Released 2008 (withdrawn)
Recorded 2006-2007
Genre Electronic, Pop
Length 51:01
Label Orgy Music
Producer Darren Bazzoni
14 is the debut studio album by English recording artist Charli XCX. It was never commercially released, save for a limited amount of promotional copies.


At the age of 14, Charli was granted a loan by her parents to record her first album, which became 14. In early 2008, she began posting songs from the album, as well as numerous other demos, on her official MySpace. This caught the attention of "this guy Chaz", who was running numerous illegal warehouse raves in London, which became her first true gigs. She also created her own record label, Orgy Music, with Martin Hayter, and released two singles in late 2008, !Franchesckaar!, and double A-side Emelline / Art Bitch. Whilst "touring", she was signed to Atlantic Records. Promotional copies were issued of 14, but it was never officially released commercially. Charli has frequently expressed her distaste for her music of the time, going as far to call it "gimmicky dance tracks" and "fucking terrible MySpace music".

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "!Franchesckaar!"  Charlotte Aitchison 3:28
2. "Lucy"  Aitchison 3:49
3. "Chas's Song"  Aitchison 3:21
4. "Leave Me"  Aitchison 4:13
5. "I'll Teach You a Lesson"  Aitchison 3:09
6. "Machines"  Aitchison 3:15
7. "Supermodels and Holiday Stunners"  Aitchison 2:31
8. "Watch the Rain"  Aitchison 5:06
9. "Live Life"  Aitchison 3:56
10. "Neon Fashion and Glowstix"  Aitchison 4:38
11. "Mauritius"  Aitchison 4:27
12. "Alcoholic"  Aitchison 2:41
13. "Yet Again"  Aitchison 2:31
14. "14"  Aitchison 3:56
Total length:
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