Charli XCX - 14
Writer(s) Charli XCX
Length 2:31
Genre Electronic, Pop
Producer(s) Darren Bazzoni
From 14
Supermodels and Holiday Stunners is a song by Charli XCX from her unreleased album, 14It serves as the seventh track from the album. The track was written by XCX and produced by Darren Bazzoni.


Now if I had to be honest with you, I thought you did fancy me just a little bit,
It was like one of them twisted love tales, the endings didn’t quite fit,
But you were different, a rock-and-roll troll with your hair greased up all in leather,
And I was a pretty girl, polka dots, hair in curls, close friends all quite clever

It didn’t really happen to start with, I have to say,
I thought that maybe I was wrong and you liked the girl you met on holiday,
More than you liked me

But then I thought, “Hey!
What does she have to offer that I don’t?”
Three Rolls Royces and a cruise boat,
But you picked the tramp over the queen,

And you know,
I actually liked you,
You made me laugh lots, made me giggle when I sipped my drink,
Made me put more effort into my lyrics

It didn’t really happen to start with, I have to say,
I thought that you were still obsessed by them model stunners,
Like Lily Cole and that Brazilian chick

Well, what do you say,
When you think it’s time to walk away?
Just turn around and wave goodbye,
Or come and politely kiss me on the cheek by my side?

Now that it’s over will you take my picture off your wall?
Fill it with the holiday girl and Lily Cole,
Or will you just leave me there to hang unpeacefully?

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